About Us

Welcome to Squishy Cheeks!!! I'm so happy you've found our adorable little shop! You can shop in confidence, as we have been doing this for over a decade with over 400,000 sales! Take a minute to browse around and make sure to reach out if you have any questions, our goal is to help you make those milestone memories unforgettable and provide the best personalized gifts around!!! If you've never shopped handmade, let us set the bar for you, as you will not be disappointed with our fast turn-around times and high-quality product!

A little awesome tidbit about myself that sets us apart from many other shops is that designing items for your little's isn't just some self-taught hobby of mine. I actually have a BA Degree in Fashion Design (yes, I went to college for 4 years to perfect these skills!) Then, after graduating from college, I designed Women's apparel for the largest apparel company in the WORLD! It was an amazing gig that taught me and grew me as a designer, but all of that changed at the end of 2012 when my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Avalyn.

Once Avalyn arrived we decided that it would be best for our family for me to stay home and raise our children. A couple months into my new found life I started design and making clothing and accessories for Ava. A daughter of a fashion designer had to be stylish, right?! But I was having a hard time finding clothing and accessories that met my standards, so back to the design table I went. After constantly being stopped by other mamas everywhere we went asking where they could get what Ava was wearing I decided that I needed to open a little shop, and with that Squishy Cheeks was born.

Once launched, our shop took off!! We keep about 10 employees on staff and own our own commercial building for our workshop and a retail boutique open to the public in the Tampa Bay area. It's important that you know that we have a entire, wonderful team working behind every order. We know that your experience with our company will be positive and professional and we look forward to seeing your little ones grow through their milestones sporting their Squishy Cheeks!

And although the design degree and my time spent working in the fashion industry provided me with the skills I needed to build this successful shop for you, none of this would be possible without all of the hours in prayer that I've spent over this business. God has truly blessed our little shop and we look forward to serving you until the day that he might change our path.
Squishy Cheeks would not exist without all of you and we are thankful for every order you place or every friend you tell about our family shop! We have been beyond blessed with the great customer and fan support we receive from you all!

And we LOVE to see those photos of your little Squishy’s bringing our product to life, so please send them in or tag them on Instagram #lovemysquishycheeks or us @babysquishycheeks.

Much Love!
Lauren, Jeff (hubby), Avalyn & Cora (daughters) and the entire Squishy Cheeks Team!