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Why Be A Princess When You Can Be A Pirate Tampa Gasparilla Shirt 2024 Women's Shirt

Why Be A Princess When You Can Be A Pirate Tampa Gasparilla Shirt 2024 Women's Shirt

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Embrace the daring spirit with our "Why Be A Princess When You Can Be A Pirate" Tampa Gasparilla Shirt. This women's shirt top is a bold declaration for those who prefer adventure over tiaras, celebrating the Gasparilla Parade and Tampa Bay Pirate Festival of 2024.

Featuring a lively design, this shirt captures the essence of the Gasparilla festivities and encourages a sense of playful rebellion against traditional princess norms. Crafted for comfort and style, it's the perfect attire for joining the revelry at the parade, festivals, or any Gasparilla-related event.

Make a statement and channel your inner pirate with this Gasparilla shirt top. Whether you're a seasoned Gasparilla enthusiast or a newcomer ready to embrace the pirate's life, this shirt is your ticket to standing out and making the 2024 Gasparilla Pirate Festival a memorable adventure.

Bella and Canva Tees: high quality crew neck unisex t-shirt, that runs a little more fitted compared to other unisex brands

► Professionally and Permanently Printing Process
► Vibrant and Accurate colors
► No Vinyl Used
► Soft Print Water-Based Inks - NOT PLASTICY OR THICK!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

✧ Wash Gentle Inside out with Gentle Detergent (we DO NOT recommend Dreft or anything with Oxyclean)
✧ No Bleach or Bleach Substitutes
✧ Hang to Dry
✧ Do not Iron



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